Friday, September 24, 2004

A brief stop in the Turku library before dinner...

Hello all,

So, Turku is not quite the chic metropolis of Helsinki. Itäs a bit more, "rough and tumble", I think. Iäve only been here an hour, though. Who knows.

Today, I had a tour of Finlandia Hall. It was really great. Iäm going to have to come up with new adjectives, but Iäm an architect, not a poet. The spaces within flow into one another, yet there are means to divide areas for different groups. The performance spaces are also beautiful. The main space has large balconies, which look like chunks of ice collaged at the perimeter. The chamber music space had wood panels, with bent edges, across the ceiling. It resembled fish scales, almost.

Apparently, Finlandia Hall was only one component in a larger, cultural plan for Helsinki. Aalto had visions of Venice when he decided to put the hall next to the water, and to clad it in white marble. Unfortunately, none of the other buildings were realized.

Tomorrow, Iäm off to the Paimio Sanatorium...wish me luck getting there!

Kyla and Everett IMPLIED that I may be on the internet too me, I spend the majority of my day (9am-9pm) on my feet with a heavy backpack, so this 20-30 minute break is really necessary! Keep me posted on the presidential race too! The first person I spoke to in Helsinki asked if I was voting for Kerry because I was from Boston. Bien sur!



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